Give It A Go: Bouldering


Give It A Go: Bouldering

About this event

This is your chance to try out an hour of bouldering in Boulder Shack Southampton! You will be in a group of up to 17, and will be supervised by a bouldering instructors who can give you helpful tips and advice. You may even discover your new favourite hobby!


We will meet at Boulder Shack at 16:50 to start the session at 17:00. We recommend wearing comfortable gym clothes. Climbing shoes will be provided and are included in the price.

When booking the session, you will be asked to pre-register for climbing using this link:

We will send you a reminder to pre-register via email once you have purchased a ticket.

Event details

  •  SUSU
  •  Boulder Shack Southampton
  •  16:45 (start)
  •  16:45 (last entry)
  •  00:00 (end)