GIAG Crafternoon: Plant a Plant (PS)


Please note this is a historic event which has now taken place
GIAG Crafternoon: Plant a Plant (PS)
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About this event

Are you a Pre-Sessional student looking for a refreshing break from your studies? Join us at our exclusive Plant-a-Plant Workshop, where you can take a step back from the textbooks and unleash your creativity!

At this workshop, you’ll have the chance to choose your own plant, creatively paint a pot to match your style and take it with you to decorate your home. This relaxing activity not only allows you to nurture a new green companion but also offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with students who share your interests. 

When and where: 

The workshop will be held in Avenue Cafe on 12th July from 2pm to 4pm.

This is a completely family-friendly activity. Sign up today and get ready to bring a little piece of nature into your home! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at 

Event details

  •  Avenue Campus
  •  14:00 (start)
  •  16:00 (end)